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Come and join our thriving business community here at Lakeside.  The onsite amenities at Lakeside – including a beauty salon, fitness studio,  hotel with a fully equipped spa and gym, and five cafes and shops – offer convenience for our occupiers, whilst the landscape provides the perfect getaway from the office. And there’s parking for over 3,000 cars (with EV charging) plus a free shuttle bus into the centre of Portsmouth and local areas.

Here’s a selection of current jobs on offer with some of our businesses on site:

Astute Technical

Talent Specialist

Recruitment Partner

Senior Recruitment Partner

Carrington West

Payroll Team Leader

Associate Consultant

Chales Taylor

Customer Service Case Management


Data Scientist

Product Manager (Data Team)

Customer Service Advisor

Sales Development Representative

National Accounts Support Advisor

Inbound Sales Executive

Cross Sales

Dunstan Thomas

Pensions Administrator

Senior Calculations Analyst


Recruitment manager – Healthcare

Finance Officer

Southern Co-op

Colleague Relations Advisor

Colleague Relations Manager

Safety & Health Environment Advisor

Lead Management & Tax Accountant


My Lakeside

My Lakeside App & Digital Platform

One year on from launch…

My Lakeside – marks one year following remarkable success…

Our occupiers wellbeing and environment are top priority for us at Lakeside.  One of the aims is to create a connected and thriving business community with clear communications and a high level of engagement, which is why last year on 14 February My Lakeside was launched.

Why we choose Equiem to help us?

Standing at the forefront of Proptech solutions, Equiem offers a comprehensive platform tailored to enhance the workplace experience for property teams and tenants.

Established in 2011, Equiem supports landlords, property managers, asset managers and real estate organisations in cultivating adaptable and dynamic office spaces and in 2023, Lakeside North Harbour teamed up with Equiem to launch an occupier digital platform to help support and better occupier experience.

Occupiers engagement with the app 

Since the My Lakeside app and digital platform was introduced, Lakeside has experienced remarkable growth and engagement within its community. With 1,553 users currently registered after the first year, accounting for around 60% of its current occupancy, the figures speak volumes about the campus and its business community engagement.

Platform providers, Equiem, benchmarked Lakeside against other national business parks, who launched in a similar timeframe. These similar sites reported an average of 44% of the population signing up, highlighting the exceptional performance of the My Lakeside app which has achieved a robust registration rate of over 60%.

The communication channels at the campus have thrived, with an impressive 36,490 communication reads, demonstrating a 33% open rate across 175 communications. This engagement extends beyond virtual interactions, with 892 RSVPs to on-site events, fostering a vibrant sense of community.

Meeting the evolving needs of its occupiers, the digital platform’s content has garnered significant traction, with 32,899 page views. The interactive nature of the platform is evident in the 246 comments exchanged among community members, facilitating meaningful connections.

The impressive engagement metrics are further highlighted by Lakeside’s average Monthly Active Users (MAU) of 53% throughout 2023, surpassing industry standards. With Equiem’s average MAU for UK sites ranging between 30-40%, Lakeside’s performance stands out as “excellent”, exemplifying its commitment to fostering a thriving and interconnected community.

What makes My Lakeside app stand out?

Lakeside’s operational product adoption has been characterised by its impressive handling of visitor processing without issues. Occupiers have embraced the platform’s intuitive tools, evident in the high rate of pre-booking for visitor appointments and meeting rooms. This seamless integration of technology has streamlined operations, contributing to a positive user experience.

Its commitment to enhancing workplace experience through Equiem extends beyond operational efficiency. By prioritising occupier satisfaction and well-being, Lakeside aims to create a supportive and engaging workplace environment. This underscores Lakeside’s dedication to delivering the best possible experience for its occupiers.

Bronny Wilson, Regional Head of Europe, Equiem:

“We are so pleased with the success Equiem has achieved with Lakeside North Harbour in just a year! Over half the site’s population actively engages with the integrated technology platform we implemented, fostering an incredible sense of community. The platform is performing wonderfully and we look forward to building on this momentum. Lakeside North Harbour is truly realising Equiem’s full, transformative potential!”

Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour:

“We at Lakeside North Harbour have always taken pride in knowing what our occupiers’ needs are and then endeavour to deliver on these. We found an efficient way to communicate with our occupiers using the My Lakeside app. It has helped us keep our occupiers informed about the day to day on goings, events, access to amenities and instil a sense of community. Equiem are renowned for their community engagement and service offering and they have created an app that is used widely by everyone at Lakeside.”

Lakeside’s success in operational product adoption and sustained MAU reflects its dedication to enhancing workplace experience through technology. By continuously striving for improvement and prioritising occupier satisfaction, Lakeside sets a high standard for workplace solutions providers.


New Occupiers Move In

Welcome to our new occupiers

Charles Taylor Assistance

New occupiers relocate office to help fulfil commercial growth plan…


Lakeside welcomes Charles Taylor, a global insurance services provider with a widespread presence across multiple countries, leases 12,169 sq ft of space.

Charles Taylor continues to grow as it relocates its 50-year-old Assistance business from Chichester to a new central location at Lakeside. This strategic move is driven by the company’s commitment to continued commercial growth and to providing an optimal work environment for its employees.

Lakeside has been chosen for its accessibility and excellent transport links, ensuring a smooth commuting experience and access to amenities for Charles Taylor’s employees and clients.

The decision to relocate to Lakeside was further reinforced by the access it provides to a wide pool of talent, facilitating Charles Taylor’s commitment of continuing to build a diverse and skilled workforce, and to foster staff retention.

Specialising in emergency medical and security assistance, travel risk management and insurance claims solutions, Charles Taylor Assistance operates 24 hours a day, all year round. Lakeside’s ability to offer 24-hour amenities, a great on-site staff presence and the option of hybrid working, fully supports Charles Taylor’s business model.


Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour, said: 

At Lakeside, we are dedicated to helping our occupiers shape the future of work. We provide an environment that supports employee health and wellbeing while helping businesses bring in new talent and retain employees.

“Our values align with Charles Taylor’s in improving lives while benefiting the health and wellbeing of everyone on campus. We look forward to welcoming Charles Taylor to our dynamic blue and green business community.” 


Jody Baker, CEO of Charles Taylor Assistance, whose staff will be located at Lakeside, says,

“It’s been a momentous journey for the company over the last 50 years. We started in 1973 as CEGA, a family enterprise based at Goodwood, and went on to create a large local business in Funtington, Chichester. We soon developed into a global provider of medical and security assistance, travel risk management and insurance claims solutions.

“Now part of the Charles Taylor Group and serving the wider multisector insurance market, we’re at the next chapter of our growth; supported by Charles Taylor’s presence in over 100 global locations. I’m honoured to take the business forward and our new base at Lakeside is the next step in fulfilling our commercial growth plan.”

Image shows – Neil Heasman, Operations Director (left) and Jody Baker, CEO (right)


Car Share

Launching Another Site Sustainable Travel Scheme

Car share, a great sustainable travel option now available at Lakeside…


Everyone has their own sustainability goals and practices, but have you ever considered sharing a commute as part of yours?

The biggest polluter when it comes to employee commuting is single-occupancy vehicle use, with an average of 62% of journeys being made by a single driver without passengers. Particularly for workplaces without accessible public transport links, travelling by car is the most sensible and accessible mode of transport.

Introducing the My Journey Car Share app- designed to be a safe, efficient and easy solution to conserving CO2, freeing up parking spaces and removing cars from the road on your daily commute. Even sharing your ride once a week as either a driver or passenger has a significant environmental impact.

The My Journey Car Share app was launched in September 2023. All businesses at Lakeside have been set up within a secure network and by signing up with your work email address, you’ll be added to that secure network. Within the app, you will be able to match with other staff, to share a car ride on your commute to work. You can register as a driver or a passenger, set your shift patterns up to a week in advance, and drivers will be matched with potential passengers along their route, working the same shift patterns.

The My Journey Car Share app is designed to alleviate a number of pain points on your commute. Is parking at work in short supply? Do you end up paying for car parking daily? Are you too far removed from public transport links for it to be a feasible option? Maybe the option of sharing a car ride once in a while just means a bit more conversation and entertainment on your commute?

It’s free, helps to reduce traffic and parking congestion, and you’ll also be entered into prize draws and opportunities to win rewards in return for ride sharing.

Click here to find out more and if you have any questions or queries about using the app, email -Liftango is the company providing the technology behind the app, and will deal with any queries you may have directly.


Charity of the Year Update

Fair Ways Christmas Campaign

Thanks for your support…

Fair Ways are delighted to update on the results of the 2023 Care leavers Christmas appeal.

Thanks to the generosity of staff, occupiers at Lakeside, Shaping Portsmouth, and the public, Fair Ways put together an amazing 53 rucksacks and gift bags full of essentials, toiletries, warm clothes, chocolate, and Christmas gifts for care leavers in the Portsmouth area.

This was an extraordinary response to what was just a short 2-week campaign.

Working in partnership with Portsmouth City Council, over 40 bags were donated to care leavers in Portsmouth. The remaining bags were also distributed to Fair Ways care leavers with whom we have maintained relationships.

We know that these bags brought some joy at Christmas and beyond for these young care leavers.

Fair Ways would like to thank everyone who donated, whether that be items or money to the appeal – your generosity has made a real difference this Christmas.

Following the response this year, Fair Ways will look to launch a larger care leavers campaign in 2024.


“As a children’s charity, Fair Ways believes that we should support care leavers who are obliged to leave the care sector at 17 or 18 years of age. We know that Fair Ways Christmas appeal will make a difference and thank you to everyone who supported us”

Gareth Webb, Managing Director


If you’d like to find out more about Fair Ways and see how you can help the charity, please click here.

New Plants

Going greener inside and out!

Additional planting in The Atrium…

Lakeside’s communal entrance to Building 1000, the Atrium, has had a vibrant makeover, courtesy of the team from Architectural Plants.

Nestled amidst acres of lush greenery outside, our workspace is now flourishing indoors with the addition of four stunning Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) plants, strategically placed in our reception area.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these green companions bring a plethora of benefits. Scientifically proven to purify air, reduce stress, and enhance productivity and creativity, the introduction of these plants aligns with our commitment to fostering a healthy and inspiring work environment.

As Lakeside continues to prioritize the well-being of its occupants, we’re excited to see these Birds of Paradise thrive, creating a greener, more invigorating space for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to a workplace where nature and productivity harmonize seamlessly.

Wedding Expo

One-Day Wedding Expo at Lakeside

Sunday 21 January 2024


Lakeside is set to host Hampshire’s largest one day wedding planning event


  • Over 120 wedding professionals will be in attendance at the PMN Wedding Fayres Expo


PMN Wedding Fayres, Hampshire’s renowned producers of prestigious events and exhibitions are set to kick off 2024 with a grand celebration on Sunday, January 21, 2024.


Lakeside will play host to the largest one-day wedding planning event on the South Coast, building on the success of the 2023 wedding expo, transforming LNH’s campus into a wedding wonderland conveniently located under one roof.


The event will offer an opportunity for soon-to-be-weds and their loved ones to discuss ideas and inspirations with over 120 wedding professionals, covering all aspects of the big day – from dresses and transport, to venues and jewellery, helping couples to turn their dream wedding into a reality.


Amidst the bustle of wedding inspiration, guests can also look forward to a delightful array of entertainment options, including fashion shows and live acts that will make for a memorable day.


The event offers the opportunity to purchase exclusive Expo-Edition Deluxe Wedding Gift Bags, when reserving Free Tickets for the event, alongside fully stocked on-site cafes and eateries throughout, making the wedding expo a truly memorable day.


Paul Nother, Director PMN Wedding Fayres said: “Following the huge success of our January 2023 Hampshire Wedding EXPO, we are thrilled to bring the event back again in January 2024, to Lakeside, North Harbour.  This local landmark venue is ideal, with significant space and facilities, whilst light & modern, easily accessible and ample onsite parking. The venue team are also a huge support and we cannot wait to work together once more.


Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour said: “ Lakeside has always played an integral part in supporting local businesses –  hosting the South Coast’s largest wedding planning event is an absolute pleasure and a great opportunity to show the campus to a new audience. LNH has ample free parking spaces along with excellent transport links to ensure a smooth commute to and from the expo.” 


Visit PMN Wedding Fayres for more information and ticket details.


Current Job Vacancies

Looking for a great place to work?

Want to work at Lakeside?

Come and join our thriving business community here at Lakeside.  The onsite amenities at Lakeside – including a beauty salon, hotel with a fully equipped spa and gym, and five cafes and shops – offer convenience for our occupiers, whilst the landscape provides the perfect getaway from the office. And there’s parking for over 3,000 cars (with EV charging) plus a free shuttle bus into the centre of Portsmouth and local areas.

Here’s a selection of current jobs on offer with some of our businesses on site:


Talent Specialist

Business Development Manager

Senior Recruitment Partner

Recruitment Partner – Power Generation

Recruitment Partner – Solar Energy

Recruitment Partner – Renewable Energy

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Partner

Carrington West

Associate Consultant


Inbound Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Membership Retention Advisor

Complaints Investigation Specialist

Customer Service Coach

Customer Service Advisor

New Member Vetting Team Leader

Vetting Advisor

Credit Collections Officer

Call Quality Assessor

Staff Engineer

Data Analyst

Head of Engineering

Product Trainer
Senior Category Manager  
Senior Marketing Delivery Co-ordinator
People Business Partner
UX Product Designer

Dunstan Thomas

Senior Project Manager


Claims Operations Team Leader

Team Leader


Water Saving Initiative

Sustainability Project to Save Water on Site

New water conservation initiative results in significant savings…


A recent water saving project at Lakeside has resulted in a 50% reduction in water usage, saving 4,558,000 litres per annum, after implementing water efficient technologies across various areas of the campus in August this year.

Lakeside collaborated with H2OiQ to install its recent water saving system benefiting the campus and present occupiers. The project has demonstrated significant water savings and reduction in carbon footprint, taking a step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility as a business.

The installation of aerated flow restrictors for wash hand basins and dual flow outlets for kitchen sinks has reduced water consumption from an average of 7.3 litres per minute to 3.5 litres per minute. The cost effective air gap valves also feature a delayed filling mechanism that ensures only the required amount of water is used for each flush and has proven to save nearly 3 litres per flush, contributing to water conservation.

One of the key outcomes of the water project was the significant reduction in daily average water usage from 24,850 litres to 12,370 litres since its installation in August. The project is estimated to result in annual savings of over £12k, benefiting both Lakeside and its occupants through a return on investment.

Portsmouth Water Limited’s Jim Barker, Head of Water Resources, played an integral part in the project by contributing to the water conservation project at Lakeside by helping towards funding the scheme that has not only saved significant volumes of water but is estimated to also have reduced 4.74 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.


Richard Butler, Business Director at H2OiQ, said:

“This project was a great example of working together to achieve what most would think impossible, achieving a 50% reduction in water consumption with a rapid 11 month payback. The importance of preserving our precious resource is now being recognised and we are proud to showcase what is achievable. There are literally 100s of thousands of water inefficient buidlings out there that need to action water consumption reduction.”


Jim Barker, Head of Water Resources at Portsmouth Water Limited, also commented on the initiative:

“With pressures coming from climate change and population growth, water is a resource that is under more stress than ever before. As part of our commitment to the environment and to developing sustainable water supplies for the future, we were happy to support this initiative – and have been impressed by the results. This project clearly demonstrates that consciously managing water use is not only good for the environment, but also makes solid economic sense.     


Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour, added:

We have recently invested in another initiative on campus that conserves water while reducing our carbon footprint showcasing our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility as a business. The water efficient technologies installed will benefit all of us in the long run and is a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.”


To find out more about our sustainability on site please follow this link.