Sustainability Resolutions - Lakeside North Harbour
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What’s your plan to improve sustainability in your business?

Is sustainability one of your corporate New Year’s resolutions?

If so, you’re not alone! In a recent survey*, 57% of the UK’s medium-sized businesses revealed that sustainability played an influential part in their decision making, 85% of SME owners felt that customers wanted them to embrace the issue. Taking care of the earth’s resources is vital if we are to reduce global warming. It also makes good business sense as there are guaranteed cost savings by adopting this approach! So, how can you ensure your business is more eco-friendly in 2022?

Audit, review all processes and procedures, so that they align with each environmental objective, i.e. if you want to encourage people to leave their cars at home, offer discounts on public transport season tickets. Ask employees for their views on making the office more eco-friendly too! People are more likely to embrace new initiatives if they have helped to shape them.

Sustainability policy. If you are looking to create a culture of change within your company, it’s vital to document the reasons for it and the ways in which you will achieve it.

Communication is key. Communicate your sustainability policy and the tactics that underpin it to all internal stakeholders. Remind people by displaying key messages in prominent areas of the office. Stick a ‘how to print double-sided’ notice next to the photocopier. Add a message to your email to discourage colleagues from printing out unnecessary paperwork. The cost savings will soon mount up.

Are your suppliers sustainable? Once you’ve completed your own audit, it’s time to review the company supply chain. Is sustainability integrated into your contractors’ processes? How will they work towards greater improvements? For example, will they distribute globally forest-positive paper in the future, to minimise the risk of deforestation?

Stationery, it’s important to review the type of traditional merchandise being left dormant in the stationery cupboard. When did anyone last open that faded box of BIC biros? Plastic pollution remains an ever-growing problem.

Turn it down! Do you remember to switch the lights off at night, or turn the dial down on the radiator? Remember to keep all windows and doors closed if the air conditioning system is on. Alternatively, turn the air con off and open the windows and doors.

Computers. Close down any applications that aren’t in use, as these slow down a computer and waste power. Put all devices to sleep when you’re finished with them.

Travel into work. Do you promote sustainable travel plans to the team?  Lakeside offers several more sustainable travel options to occupiers including a free bus service for employees.  The service links with the centre of Portsmouth and local train stations.  Plus there are multiple electric charging points on site.

My Journey Hampshire can support businesses to offer their workforce a more positive commute into work.