Supporting our community - Lakeside North Harbour
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Supporting our community

Simple ways to help your area

From our community of businesses to our visitors, and the team that work on campus, everyone plays a vital role in making Lakeside North Harbour a happy and supportive environment.

Whilst we all physically distance ourselves, it’s more important than ever that we work together to support the community around us who need it most.

So, what can you do to help?

Support local businesses.

If you’d normally pop into Ground to Go for your coffee in the morning, or go to your local cafe for brunch at the weekend, you can still do your bit to help…

Many independent cafes and restaurants are still offering delivery, selling gift vouchers (for that wonderful moment when you can return) or selling their stock, so you can support whilst you maintain your distance. Even a simple review on Tripadvisor or share on Instagram or Twitter will go a long way too.

Support food banks and local charities

Volunteers are working tirelessly to continue to provide support to people who are unable to afford the essentials, and we can all play our part too.

Last year, TIBCO Software arranged a collection for local charity Stone Pillow, who support the homeless and vulnerable, and now they need support more than ever.

If you have food to spare, the Trussel Trust tells you which  items your local food banks are lacking so you can donate the products they really need. Click here to find a local food bank near you.

Celebrate your colleagues

Has one of your colleagues gone the extra mile at work or in the community? We want to say thank you on behalf of everyone at Lakeside.

Simply drop us a note and let us know why they deserve a gold star. Whether they’ve rallied office spirits and organised weekly ‘pub’ quizzes, or volunteered within the NHS, we want to know about it and provide a virtual pat on the back. 

Let’s all work together as a community to help lift spirits and stay happy and healthy.