Solar Panel Project - Lakeside North Harbour
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Update on Solar Panel Rooftop Installations

🌞In a week of sunshine on the south coast we have an exciting progress update on our solar panel project! 🌞

We’re pleased to announce that work on our solar panel canopies on the rooftops is nearing completion, alongside significant progress on the remaining car park installations.

The panels on Building 5000 (shown in red on image below) have been plugged in, and in just 3 days these panels have already generated enough power for the average annual energy usage of a typical 2-3 bedroom home (according to Ofgem’s medium usage data).

The energy produced by the solar panel canopy in Car Park F, from March to June, could power more than 80 similar homes for an entire year!

Thanks to Custom Solar LTD who are carrying out work on this installation on behalf of the energy services team at Portsmouth City Council who own our business campus. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a sustainable and greener future.

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