New Year New Networking Opportunities - Lakeside North Harbour
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The art of hybrid networking

Lakeside is the place to be

Lakeside North Harbour is more than just a business campus because we think beyond the office and offer wellbeing and community in the perfect environment.

Whether you’re office or home-based, networking is an essential part of business life. Here at Lakeside there are numerous opportunities to meet potential new clients. Whether it’s striking up a conversation in the business lounge or chatting in the queue at Starbucks, you never know who you’ll meet next. However, the last 20 months have seen radical changes to the corporate world as more companies instigate a hybrid way of working.  But many business still believe time in the office is very valuable and provides a useful networking opportunity.

Decide what your networking goals are – Every company’s aims will be unique. A small business owner may look to increase his contacts in a particular industry. The CEO of a large corporation could be headhunting. Always ask yourself: what am I trying to achieve from networking or attending an online or offline event and where is the best place for my business to be? Is this aligned to my business goals?

Here at Lakeside we have many opportunities to network or simply get together and offer many occupier events which run through the year.   Lakeside is home to over 50 forward thinking businesses and over 5,000 workers. From lake walks to barista coffee, yoga classes and local wildlife, we offer an experience that goes beyond the office, delivering work life balance at its best.

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