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My Lakeside App & Digital Platform

One year on from launch…

My Lakeside – marks one year following remarkable success…

Our occupiers wellbeing and environment are top priority for us at Lakeside.  One of the aims is to create a connected and thriving business community with clear communications and a high level of engagement, which is why last year on 14 February My Lakeside was launched.

Why we choose Equiem to help us?

Standing at the forefront of Proptech solutions, Equiem offers a comprehensive platform tailored to enhance the workplace experience for property teams and tenants.

Established in 2011, Equiem supports landlords, property managers, asset managers and real estate organisations in cultivating adaptable and dynamic office spaces and in 2023, Lakeside North Harbour teamed up with Equiem to launch an occupier digital platform to help support and better occupier experience.

Occupiers engagement with the app 

Since the My Lakeside app and digital platform was introduced, Lakeside has experienced remarkable growth and engagement within its community. With 1,553 users currently registered after the first year, accounting for around 60% of its current occupancy, the figures speak volumes about the campus and its business community engagement.

Platform providers, Equiem, benchmarked Lakeside against other national business parks, who launched in a similar timeframe. These similar sites reported an average of 44% of the population signing up, highlighting the exceptional performance of the My Lakeside app which has achieved a robust registration rate of over 60%.

The communication channels at the campus have thrived, with an impressive 36,490 communication reads, demonstrating a 33% open rate across 175 communications. This engagement extends beyond virtual interactions, with 892 RSVPs to on-site events, fostering a vibrant sense of community.

Meeting the evolving needs of its occupiers, the digital platform’s content has garnered significant traction, with 32,899 page views. The interactive nature of the platform is evident in the 246 comments exchanged among community members, facilitating meaningful connections.

The impressive engagement metrics are further highlighted by Lakeside’s average Monthly Active Users (MAU) of 53% throughout 2023, surpassing industry standards. With Equiem’s average MAU for UK sites ranging between 30-40%, Lakeside’s performance stands out as “excellent”, exemplifying its commitment to fostering a thriving and interconnected community.

What makes My Lakeside app stand out?

Lakeside’s operational product adoption has been characterised by its impressive handling of visitor processing without issues. Occupiers have embraced the platform’s intuitive tools, evident in the high rate of pre-booking for visitor appointments and meeting rooms. This seamless integration of technology has streamlined operations, contributing to a positive user experience.

Its commitment to enhancing workplace experience through Equiem extends beyond operational efficiency. By prioritising occupier satisfaction and well-being, Lakeside aims to create a supportive and engaging workplace environment. This underscores Lakeside’s dedication to delivering the best possible experience for its occupiers.

Bronny Wilson, Regional Head of Europe, Equiem:

“We are so pleased with the success Equiem has achieved with Lakeside North Harbour in just a year! Over half the site’s population actively engages with the integrated technology platform we implemented, fostering an incredible sense of community. The platform is performing wonderfully and we look forward to building on this momentum. Lakeside North Harbour is truly realising Equiem’s full, transformative potential!”

Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour:

“We at Lakeside North Harbour have always taken pride in knowing what our occupiers’ needs are and then endeavour to deliver on these. We found an efficient way to communicate with our occupiers using the My Lakeside app. It has helped us keep our occupiers informed about the day to day on goings, events, access to amenities and instil a sense of community. Equiem are renowned for their community engagement and service offering and they have created an app that is used widely by everyone at Lakeside.”

Lakeside’s success in operational product adoption and sustained MAU reflects its dedication to enhancing workplace experience through technology. By continuously striving for improvement and prioritising occupier satisfaction, Lakeside sets a high standard for workplace solutions providers.