Meet The Occupier - Lakeside North Harbour
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Introducing Hewitt Matthews

Meet the Occupier – Hewitt Matthews

We asked Carl Hewitt, Co-Founder and CEO of agency Hewitt Matthews, why Portsmouth and what it means to work at Lakeside…

Tell us about Hewitt Matthews

Hewitt Matthews is a Portsmouth and London based Paid Media Marketing and Web Services agency, recently shortlisted at the European Agency Awards 2023 and UK Dev Awards 2023.

Hewitt Matthews works with a number of brands including the NHS, Carnival UK and BOXPARK to build websites and drive revenue.

What makes you unique?

We exist to help bring people together and enjoy life, however they choose to do so!

That means getting more people doing the things they truly love.

Whether that’s booking a skiing holiday, going on a cruise, having a meal out or simply going for a bike ride. Our agency live to facilitating people’s enjoyment of life through the promotion of the products/services that support it.

Why Lakeside?

My business partner, Reece, and I were both born and raised in Portsmouth. It was always our aspiration to have our office based in Lakeside. The atmosphere at Lakeside is friendly, supportive and full of energy, and we’ve collaborated with many companies also based on the premises – the community was ideal for us. As two young entrepreneurs, looking to continue developing and to grow our business, the people you can meet here are incredible.

The building itself is great – Clients often comment on how much they like our office. But it’s the proximity to nature that makes the location really special.

The lake is right on our doorstep, and we often see wildlife, including rabbits, running around – we’ve had days where we’ve been stressed, and it’s been helpful to have options to get out into nature.

Why Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is a great place to build a positive business reputation – if you do a good job and are a good person, word travels fast. Businesses are rewarded for doing good work, more so than in other cities.

Despite being densely populated, Portsmouth has a fantastic close-knit community. Everyone knows each other – there is always someone willing to pick up the phone and willing to help.

If you’d like to locate your business at Lakeside, Portsmouth’s premier business campus, click here to view our spaces.