Meet the Manager - Ian - Lakeside North Harbour
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Interview with Ian Cox

Manager of the Buildings & Facilities at Lakeside

Interview with Ian, the Lakeside Senior Estates Manager

We sat down with Ian, the man who keeps our buildings and facilities in tip top shape at Lakeside.

There is a lot of work that goes into ensuring a busy site like Lakeside runs smoothly and looks good. To find out how everything works behind the scenes, we grabbed a coffee with the Facilities Manager, Ian Cox.

Read on below to find out more!

Thanks for catching up with us today, what exactly does the role of Estates Manager entail?

Facilities Management is all about the work behind the scenes, looking after our buildings, ensuring all of our occupiers can operate successful businesses. My role evolves around compliance, managing health and safety, fire risk and where ever possible efficiency of the large heating and cooling plant associated with the Lakeside campus. We also manage the visitor experience through Reception/Meeting Rooms along with cleaning, mechanical and electrical services, security and landscaping across all of our buildings and site grounds.

What do you enjoy most about working on Lakeside?

Every day is different you never know what challenge is going to present itself when you arrive each morning, the site can be very technical and challenging to operate!  I am very lucky to have a fantastic team who all have their own strengths which gel very well.

What are some of the unique challenges you have to face with Lakeside?

Lakeside is built on reclaimed land and actually sits just below sea level. Before the land was reclaimed the tide used to break along the edge of the western road which is sat around 1.5m above our car parks. If you look around Lakeside there are various canals, ornamental ponds and water ways which along with fresh water springs return and circulate towards the main lake. The water is monitored by level sensors and pumped under the A27 out to sea. We have recently had issues with our pumping system ending its life after 25 years perfectly timed with the heaviest prolonged rainfall in recent history! I have often wondered if the car parks would be under water when I arrive, but we have measures in place to ensure this shouldn’t ever happen.

How did you start working at Lakeside and how long have you been here?

Initially I came to Lakeside as a maintenance manager in 2008, working for Johnson Controls, this allowed me to learn all of the technical services across this unique site. I was leaving Lakeside after accepting another role, but was then offered the FM direct with the landlord in 2010. It was a very easy decision to stay at Lakeside, as it was clear to see that even after 16 years, this is the best business park on the south coast with unlimited potential.

Where’s your favourite spot on site?

There is a lovely spot just behind a copse of trees to the rear of building 1000, which looks straight up the lake, it’s very peaceful and quite perfect for enjoying the surroundings on a summer’s day.

What’s your best kept secret local restaurant?

The Jolly Sailor on the Hamble river is very nice and also another good place to be on a summer’s day when I’m not working at Lakeside!

Well, that’s all the time we have, thanks so much for sitting down with us and filling us in on Facilities Management.

My pleasure!

You can meet Ian and other members of the FM Team at our next Occupiers Forum on Wednesday 17th April at 10am.

We have plenty more interviews with the great people that keep Lakeside running, keep your eyes on the homepage for more.