HFA Partnership - Lakeside North Harbour
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Lakeside Partners with the Hampshire Football Association

Supporting the new King George V Football Complex

Hampshire FA has formed a partnership with Lakeside to both align and compliment the opening of the new and improved King George V Football Complex. The partnership presents Hampshire FA with an opportunity to promote its range of services, offers and the new site to the Lakeside occupiers who will also be offered opportunities to use the new facilities at the new complex.

As part of the partnership, Hampshire FA will host a networking event incorporating the park’s occupiers with the association’s own commercial partners, deliver presentations at the site to inform as many occupiers as possible of the new site and additionally will utilise its various digital channels to continue to highlight the availability of the local football complex and county FA services.

“The new King George V Football Complex is in a prime location for accessibility with easy access to the M27 links and more. The opportunity to join forces with the local business park, also means that we can target individuals as well as teams, promote the site as well as the competitive corporate offer provided as part of this partnership. This will in turn invite more people into the game, through the flexibility of booking during lunchtime slots on the site, encouraging the staff to make time for sport as part of their daily work schedule. This is in every way a mutually beneficial arrangement”

Neil Cassar, Hampshire FA CEO.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the Hampshire FA who are now our new neighbours. The wellbeing of our occupiers is one of our top priorities, ensuring we provide a great working environment with an array of amenities including sporting facilities. The opportunity to use the football complex and take part in a Lakeside tournament will further enhance the work life balance of all who work and enjoy life on site at Lakeside.”

Simon Bateman, Asset Manager, Lakeside North Harbour.