Mary Rose Presentation - Lakeside North Harbour
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Free Presentation on The Mary Rose

Henry VIII’s Flagship in Portsmouth

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1pm – 2pm

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The Auditorium

Hear the amazing story of The Mary Rose…

From the depths of the Solent to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the Mary Rose has had a long journey. Built from 1510 and launched the following year, she served Henry VIII for 34 years before sinking dramatically in 1545 defending England from a French invasion fleet. There she lay until 1971, when a team of divers, led by the late Alexander McKee, rediscovered the wreck site.

What followed was a ground-breaking feat of underwater archaeology, as hundreds of divers worked tirelessly to recover the Mary Rose and return her to the surface. Many still remember the momentous day she finally broke free of the water on 11 October 1982. After essential conservation work, the Mary Rose was reunited with her artefacts telling the stories of the men who lived, worked, and died onboard.

Now set in the heart of the Historic Dockyard, the Mary Rose Museum is a time capsule of Tudor life. With over 19,000 genuine Tudor artefacts, the museum holds the largest collection on display in the world.

Hear the extraordinary story of Henry VIII’s favourite ship, from her fateful last battle to her miraculous rediscovery at the bottom of the Solent over 400 years later.

This presentation is open to everyone, it’s free to attend, and will be held in The Auditorium at Lakeside on Wednesday 11 October from 1pm to 2pm.