Happy Halloween! - Lakeside North Harbour
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Lakeside is going to be a scary place soon

Dare to dress up and pimp up a pumpkin!

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Reception Area Building 1000

Join us for some competitive pumpkin carving…

This year Halloween falls on a Monday so to mark this, and make Monday a little more fun, we’re inviting you, our occupiers to carve up a pumpkin and dare to dress up.

We’ll be offering prizes for pumpkins in the following categories;

  • Scariest (well that’s an obvious category)
  • Most elaborate (adorned with accessories or with moving parts!)
  • Corporate (can you carve a pumpkin to reflect your business or brand it?)
  • Original (let your mind run riot with this one)

They’ll also be prizes for the most scariest and original Halloween costumes.

Please bring along your finished pumpkins by 10am on Monday 31st October to the reception area in Building 1000.  Judging will take place at lunchtime.

Pictures of the best pumpkins and Halloween costumes will be shared on Instagram.

Email the Helpdesk if you would like to enter and need a pumpkin.

Gourd luck!