New Environmental Scheme - Lakeside North Harbour
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Birdlife Project

New wildlife habitats and bird viewing area

New wildlife project launched in partnership with occupier Visitor Chat…

Incorporating new bird and insect habitats, plus a bird feeding and viewing station.

Lakeside North Harbour has launched a new wildlife project and bird viewing area to further enhance its ecology, biodiversity and environmental objectives.

Portsmouth’s leading workspace teamed up with Visitor Chat, an award-winning industry specific chat operator, which is also headquartered on the campus.

The plan for the initiative was based on recommendations from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, who carried out an ecological and wildlife survey on site. The aim of the initiative was to protect the bird population on the campus, whilst enhancing and providing new habitats for them, and providing occupiers with a peaceful and quiet area to enjoy watching the birds and wildlife undisturbed.

The ecological and wildlife habitat survey made specific recommendations to install bird boxes for a range of species of birds identified on site, including standard boxes for Blue Tits and Great Tits, open fronted boxes for Robins and Wrens, Starling boxes, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches boxes, and Sparrow Terraces, alongside the provision of bird feeding stations and insect hotels.

Visitor Chat’s sponsorship helped to fund the clearance and landscaping of the new bird viewing area and the installation of the bird and insect habitats.  This initiative forms part of the site’s overall ESG plan, which also recently included planting a new canopy of trees.

Simon Bateman, Asset Manager at Lakeside North Harbour, said:

Lakeside North Harbour offers an inspiring and relaxing environment for businesses to call home, providing an unrivalled occupier and employee experience and the new viewing area will only add to this.

 “We are constantly seeking new opportunities to enrich the environment and find ways to improve biodiversity around the site. Visitor Chat approached us about working together on a bird themed sustainability project and we were only too happy to work together.

 “We look forward to seeing the viewing area being used by our office occupiers and the boxes creating new homes for a variety of birds and wildlife that call Lakeside home.”

The Lakeside campus is known for its rural surroundings, including pockets of rugged woodland and a large lake. It boasts wildlife walks and plenty of outdoor space, while its management delivers a range of occupier-led events designed around interacting with nature – supporting employee wellbeing and productivity.

Philip Tissot, Director of Visitor Chat, added:

Visitor Chat are delighted to join Lakeside North Harbour in sponsoring this birdlife sustainability project. As a company committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, we are proud to support initiatives that promote the conservation and protection of our natural world, including the well-being of bird populations. We are also grateful to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust for their support of the project.

 “This sponsorship reflects our unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. We are excited to be part of this project and to contribute to the protection and sustainability of birdlife for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for our planet and its precious wildlife.”

 Find out more about our site sustainability initiatives here.